What We Do

Leadership Development

Competencies on which we focus for our Leadership GPS® leadership development programs:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing Change
  • Diversity Management, Leading Self and Others, and Being a Good Follower
  • Managing and Resolving Conflict
  • Dealing with Organizational Culture and Politics
  • Networking
  • Building, Maintaining and Restoring Relationships
  • Understanding and Communicating Organizational Strategy
  • Strategic agility; leadership presence, polish and voice and team building.

1. Emotional Intelligence

Through self awareness and integration of self and others’ feedback, each of us can make adjustments in our behavior and perspectives.

2. Managing Change

The one constant in today’s turbulent environment is change – and fast-paced change. We examine our approach to change and ways in which we can respond more effectively to those changes.

3. Diversity Management, Leading Self And Others, And Being A Good Follower

Today’s global economy provides opportunities for us to work with people from all over the world, and those who are demographically different from us within the United States. We need to embrace and celebrate differences, learn how we are perceived and how we perceive, treat and impact others as we lead and as we follow those who lead us.

4. Managing And Resolving Conflict

Conflict is inevitable – how we deal with conflict/disagreement/alternative perspectives differentiates successful and unsuccessful leaders.

5. Dealing With Organizational Culture And Politics

Learning how to navigate the organizational culture and to understand and work within its cultural and political framework is a valuable skill.

6. Networking

Where you create and enhance Value for Oneself and Organization through Professional Relationships.

7. Building, Maintaining, And Restoring Relationships

One of the top derailers to success in organizations is our inability to build, maintain, and restore relationships. J.W. Smith and Associates, LLC, can help.

8. Understanding And Communicating Organizational Strategy

We focus on understanding what vision, mission, and strategy are and how one’s department, unit, division, and job must align with overall organizational strategy. We also focus on how one communicates that strategy is often as important as the message.

9. How to Coach Women Leaders and Leaders of Color

We identify the challenges and opportunities that women face in the U.S. workplace; assess participants’ own attitude toward women in leadership and myths about women leaders; describe and critically analyze coaching needs of women leaders and impact of race; and provide coaching strategies to facilitate the upward mobility of women in the workplace.

10. Putting the Wow Back into Customer Service

Sometimes we focus so much on creating the business, we forget that what got us there (to business ownership) is not necessarily what will help us maintain the business. Do you know who your real customers are and how to build their loyalty to you through wowing them with your customer service? The focus of this workshop is on identifying your business “wow” factors and remembering to focus on your customers.

Industries We Serve

Organizations with 100 or more employees, as well as emerging, struggling, and experienced leaders in financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical, IT, religious, and public sector organizations. We train and develop new leaders, help “calibrate” struggling leaders, and assist in accelerating the trajectory of good leaders as they hone current skills and develop new skills and perspectives. We have a “sweet spot” for African-American, women and Millennial leaders.

Leadership GPS Programs

  • 3- and 5-day programs – NC Triangle and Triad – we can also conduct the training at your corporate site
  • Our focus is on developing current and future leaders in small to mid-sized companies – for profit, nonprofit and faith-based
  • We utilize the “Whole person concept” – “What makes us better people makes us better leaders” – Talula Cartwright
  • Additional focus on the opportunities and challenges experienced by African-American and Hispanic leaders
  • Cultural diversity component in every program, regardless of population, given the focus on globalization


Our Three- And Five-Day “Leadership GPS” Programs Provide Opportunities For
  • Program participants to know and understand best leadership practices (research and anecdotes, practitioner-oriented materials and articles, etc.) so that participants have a clear target for their development;
  • program participants conduct self assessments to gain greater awareness of how they see themselves and to identify their strengths and developmental opportunities;
  • they gain perspectives of key others through 360-degree feedback, where they choose the people whose impression of them is important to them;
  • our participants examine their own behavior within specific contexts (cultural, social, and organizational); finally
  • the Leadership GPS® participants identify priorities, establish and implement a game plan for improvement, and have an accountability mechanism and additional feedback. Each program participant will have an opportunity to work one-on-one with an executive coach in a session to pull the data, organizational perspectives, and their personal and professional goals together in an action plan. The programs also have a diversity component in them in which they learn more about how people are similar and different and how they can leverage to succeed personally and professionally and to enhance the options available for talent deployment and decision making in their organization.