Our Coaching Programs

Utilizing powerful questions, professionally developed assessments, and experiential activities we will support and challenge your leadership capabilities in a one-on-one session, in a group, or for your team. Overcome organizational obstacles and limiting beliefs, as you clarify your vision to become an effective leader, gain confidence in your ability to influence others, provide and respond to constructive feedback, and demonstrate higher levels of leader presence. You will gain the ability to successfully motivate and build teams and work relationships both inside and outside of your organization.

Individual Leadership Program

Leading On Purpose

Individual Program
Much of your professional life is "on stage" under the bright lights of being "different" rather than "unique" and standing out as the speaker of truth for your race or gender. In our customized one-on-one program, "Leading On Purpose", you will learn practical viewpoints and applications that enable you to position yourself for the type of effective leader you aspire to be in business and in life. This program is ideal for corporate business leaders and leaders for life.
Group Leadership Program

Leading On Purpose

Group or Team Program
Experiential learning within a group environment provides opportunities for you to expand your knowledge base; observe good to great leaders respond to employee and organizational business issues and challenges, concerns and opportunities that occur in life. Incorporate feedback from experienced leaders; enhance your ability to provide meaningful, timely, constructive and effective feedback to others; articulate and defend your perspectives; and expand the options of leadership responses to real-world problems.
Business Development Program

Developing the Business and Business Owner

Professional Development
If you're ready to start a new business venture or scale an existing one, our certified consultants are experts in helping you establish, grow and manage your business. Our five month program is conducted in a small group environment and tailored specifically for entrepreneurs and small business owners - giving them the skills and mindset to achieve success and balance in both business and life.

Our Certified Consultants Provide

Leadership Development

We develop leaders by helping them frame the leader mindset necessary for their success; develop leadership presence to help them become more influential and impactful; support the practice of new behaviors; interpret and provide developmental feedback; and align with their individual and professional goals.

Leadership Coaching

Dr. J and her team will help you identify the issues, challenges, and opportunities that you have, increase your level of awareness about the issue as a whole, walk you through thinking with clarity, and facilitate your perspective and development of an action plan that will help move you forward.

Leadership Training

You will experience a variety of training development and delivery methods to meet the needs of your organization with both off-the-shelf and customized client training solutions, focusing on the outcomes that are needed for increased organizational effectiveness, while supporting approaches that will help your leaders and staff in other areas of their lives.

Leadership Consulting

We are experienced in asking the right questions, observing and developing processes; questioning status quo; challenging existing assumptions, ways of doing and being; and framing solutions in ways that help business, governmental and community clients deal with the immediate and long-term implications of organizational changes.

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