Leadership Gps: Roadmap to Become a Leader for Life

Leadership Gps: Roadmap to Become a Leader for Life


Welcome to your continuing investment in leading for life – whether as a formal leader in a corporate or nonprofit business or fraternal organization (e.g., sorority, fraternity, Links, etc), at your church, or in your family. You may be an informal leader, where no one has given you the “official” title as leader, but where you are influencing people left and right as a positive, effective role model. You may not see yourself as a leader today; however, we don’t know what tomorrow holds in your leadership future. This book provides you with some strategies that will – Help you to identify areas of strength and development;

  • Enhance your professionalism and marketability AS A LEADER;
  • Ground you in something (rather, SOMEONE) who is able to direct your paths and help you to have good success; and
  • Provide some insights about others who have achieved success and cleared the pathway for you.


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