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J.W. Smith and Associates, LLC, offers individual, team and group coaching experiences. We also provide the facilitation of teams and small groups through tailored programs designed to transform ordinary people into extraordinary leaders. We focus on leadership development and soft skills training with executive, business, life and career coaching experiences for emerging, mid-level and senior-level leaders of color and women leaders. We specialize in financial services, healthcare, education, faith-based, public sector and customer service organizations.  Our small business consulting and coaching help to develop leaders in entrepreneurial firms and small businesses.


Coaching is where an objective third party works with a client on their personal or business objectives to help them think through strategies, envision resolution, and execute plans.


Leadership development is identifying, training on, developing and measuring the skills, abilities, and perspectives to become a more effective and influential leader. It also includes  designing and implementing learning experiences to help leaders mature and become more confident.

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Consulting is working with the client to critically analyze organizational policies, practices and outcomes, diagnose challenges,  develop strategies to resolve problems, and execute and measure the efficacy of those strategies.


Training is devising and implementing the educational and practice-oriented steps to improve leadership skills and providing the opportunities to evaluate and measure skill adoption.

Dr. Janice Witt Smith, PCC, SPHR

Principal Consultant
Dr. Janice Witt Smith, PCC, SPHR, is an award-winning university educator; experienced and certified human resource and leadership development consultant; corporate and small business trainer; published author and academic researcher; credentialed professional executive, leader, career and life coach; and, motivational speaker.

As the principal consultant at J.W. Smith and Associates, LLC, Dr. Smith believes that what makes you a better person helps you become a better leader -- not only in your work world, but a better leader for your life. She helps her clients focus on managing their multiple high-priority, competing demands; determining the best mix of work, home and play for them; and helping them to visualize and become the best version of themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of participating in your programs?

Both the work organization and the individual participant benefit from our programs. We  help program participants examine their leadership style and try new behaviors; increase their awareness and confidence; sharpen their thinking about personal and professional issues, reframe their mindset; develop or hone their leadership presence;  become more influential and impactful; incorporate useful leadership tools; and  interpret, provide, and implement relevant developmental feedback.  Organizations will reap the benefit of more effective leaders with a greater understanding of how their behaviors, knowledge, and perspectives align with organizational goals and perspectives.  Our programs are tailored to include personal and group reflection on topics such as conflict resolution, systematic thinking, authentic dialog and consensus decision-making. Contact us to see if our leadership development, training or coaching programs are the right solution for your company or you.

Who participates in your programs?

Our soft spot is in working with women leaders as well as emerging, mid-level and senior level, leaders of color.  We work with them individually, as well as in a group or with a team. Our participants vary from those who are aspiring or beginning to assume leadership roles to those who have held them over many years.  We also work with entrepreneurs and small business leaders as they develop their business idea and develop the infrastructure to support their business and leadership goals.

Do you specialize in working with specific industries?

We have extensive human resource management expertise in working with financial services, healthcare, education, governmental, faith-based, and customer service organizations.

How much does your program cost?

As certified coaches, we tailor our leadership development, training and coaching programs to meet the specific needs of our clients. Costs may vary based on the type and length of services you choose. We have packages which provide a cost-effective approach, while our hourly charges could range from $250-$500 an hour or $2,500-$4,500 per day. We recommend you contact us for a free consultation to determine what your specific needs are and let us create the right program to meet your specific budget needs.  You may take advantage of our “early bird” and “full pay” options to receive a discount or additional benefits.  Or, you may choose the convenience of our 3- and 5-pay options.  You choose.

What is the time commitment for your program?

Coaching programs are typically packaged at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months depending on your needs and the services required. Custom training program lengths vary depending on the intervention required and level of our participation in organizational development. Once we have a realistic understanding of your needs, we can provide a recommended time commitment.

How do I/we get started working together?

If you know from our previous work, referrals from others, and what you have learned on the website that you are ready to work with us, you may register for our coaching programs through our new client portal.   To access that link, please contact us for a last check-in to make sure that we are a good fit for each other.   During that conversation, we will walk you through the process of getting started.  Once you are set up in our system, you will be able to schedule appointments with us on our client portal as well to reduce the “back and forth” challenges of scheduling.

Leadership Presence, Polish and Panache

By Dr. Janice Witt Smith (Author)
In this book you'll learn practical tools and tips to help hone your leadership skills and enhance your leadership influence and effectiveness. We use practical perspectives and tips which are actionable to enable you to create a leadership development plan to better position yourself for the type of leader success you aspire to have.