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Leadership Development

Problem-solving tools, leadership-intensive
programs and workshops, and assessments.

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Executive, Leadership and Small Business Coaching

ICF Coaching Model; Provide one-on-one and
group coaching opportunities to develop individuals,
teams, and groups.

HR Consulting and Training

People and organization related solutions
to people challenges; Off-the-shelf and custom
training programs.

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Small Business Development

Assist small businesses in establishing,
growing, and managing their businesses

J.W. Smith and Associates, LLC

Our Services

Our Services include providing Print Materials, Retreats, Classes and Workshops that focus on Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence, Managing Change, Diversity, and our Leadership GPS Program that is….More Info

Our Consultants

Dr. Janice Witt Smith and William “Will” Smith are the Lead Associates for J.W. Smith and Associates. Dr. Janice Witt Smith has a B.S. degree in Business Management from Indiana University, an MBA …More Info

At J. W. Smith and Associates, LLC, we are committed to helping you identify, enhance and leverage your unique skills, abilities, and perspectives. We want you “Transform from Ordinary Leaders into Extraordinary Leaders.” Therefore, we partner with you to:

  • Transform as a leader and cultivate a leader mindset, whether you need a little tweak or some leadership re-engineering, to become the best version of you;
  • Identify limiting beliefs and career missteps that have the potential to derail your career;
  • Embrace strategic networks to provide information, support, and insight;
  • Recharge your organizational skills, interpersonal skills and/or leadership savvy and presence to develop others and meet organizational targets;
  • Equip you to solve problems, manage change and transitions, develop difficult employees, manage up and down, and/or find the answers to questions that keep you up all night;
  • Establish your leadership identity, presence and voice to have impact and influence;
  • Utilize your emotional intelligence and real-life experience and resilience to understand the value-add your unique cultural perspective brings and leverage it for career and organizational success;
  • Increase your prowess in pivoting with constantly changing competitive marketplace; and
  • Enhance your strategic agility and highlight your resilience as you make impactful decisions;

Our experienced, passionate, and skilled executive, leadership and small business coaches partner with you to reaching your personal and professional goals. Dr. Janice Witt Smith, SPHR, PCC has over 2,500 hours of coaching experience with leaders in pharmaceutical, healthcare, educational, public service, legal and accounting firms, Department of Homeland Security, financial services, and other industries. She has coached senior executives, mid-level managers, and emerging leaders. Whatever your organizational role or level, we are committed to your success. At J.W. Smith and Associates, LLC:

  • We provide leadership, executive and business coaching experiences to emerging and mid-level leaders of color and women leaders in financial services, IT, legal and accounting practices, pharma, educational, faith-based, governmental and customer service organizations.
  • We offer live and virtual individual, team and group coaching experiences as well as team and small group facilitation.
  • We utilize powerful questions, professionally developed assessments, and experiential activities to support and challenge leaders who aspire to have more influence, provide and respond to feedback, demonstrate higher levels of leader presence, exhibit professionalism, and successfully motivate and build teams and relationships inside and outside of the organization.

Our approach to leadership and organizational development is based on a genuine passion for developing leaders and companies as well as cutting-edge research and over 20 years of coaching and consulting experience in this space, where we develop leaders holistically and facilitate their success toward personal and corporate goals. And we support you as you hone existing skills, develop new skills, embrace new experiences, disengage from people and practices that no longer serve you well, and translate those “hidden jewels” into visible, leader-effective behaviors and attitudes that are necessary for your continued success. We don’t make you over, we help you to become a better version of you as a leader. And we help the organization recognize, acknowledge, reward, and celebrate the unique individuals who create their culture and foster their success.

Transformation Tools

Leadership Development

Critical-thinking and problem-solving tools; leadership-intensive classes, workshops, retreats, and 3- and 5-day programs;  publications, workshops, and assessments.

Executive, Leadership and Small Business Coaching

We provide one-on-one, team and group coaching opportunities to develop individuals, teams, and groups.

HR Consulting and Training

People- and organization-related solutions to people challenges; Off-the-shelf and custom training programs.

African-American and Women Leaders

We help you recruit, develop and retain African-American and Women Leaders and create an organizational environment that is culturally sensitive and embracing of their unique perspectives and style.

Leadership Development

Whole-person approach to leadership development, using experiential exercises, assessments, case analyses, and coaching.

Leadership Development

We transform ordinary people into extraordinary leaders, partnering with the organization and the individual, utilizing corporate expertise, research into practice, executive and business coaching,

Called To Lead, Anointed To Serve

This is an excellent, practical resource to better equip Christians for leadership roles. If we do things God’s way, planting good seed into fertile soil, the Holy Spirit will provide the increase.

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